Tears Run Rings 'In Surges' + Remixes 2xCD

Tears Run Rings 'In Surges' + Remixes 2xCD


'In Surges,' Tears Run Rings' third album, second for Deep Space Recordings, has been six years in the making. Over that time span, the band met up on several occasions to write, record, and mix the album together, in between starting families and recording separately. Full of lush guitars, haunting melodies, and layered, shimmering vocals, 'In Surges' picks up where 'Distance' left off.

The CD version includes an entire 2nd disc of remixes!

1. Happiness 6
2. Belly Up
3. Things Have Changed
4. Part of the Glass
5. Green Lakes
6. Broken
7. Destroyer
8. Something You Can't Hide
9. Sine Wave Sleep
10. Happiness 7

1. Things Have Changed (Life in Plastic Remix)
2. Part of the Glass (Airiel Remix)
3. Things Have Changed (PINKSHINYULTRABLAST Remix)
4. Things Have Changed (Tiny Fireflies Remix)
5. Destroyer (RXGibbs Remix)
6. Broken (WHS Remix)
7. Things Have Changed (Jase Burns Remix)
8. Destroyer at Shitenouji Temple With Cherry Blossom (Friendly Scientist Remix)

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